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23 08 2012

I like ‘people’, but I am not a people person.  I prefer to be alone, but feel a need to reach out and connect.  I am very private and find sharing intensely difficult, but feel a need to establish communication.  I’ve spent my life trying to figure out who I am, where I am going, what is important, and what I want to do – still a huge mess and a work in process.

So I can’t explain why I repeatedly feel drawn to blogging.   Over the years I have started a number of blogs, and they have eventually trailed off into nothingness.  They never rose above obscurity.  It was never my intent.  I guess I feel I have something to say, but feel like I don’t have anything worth saying.  Some of them were to offer technical support, but most were part of some not fully identified yearning.

I was originally going to start this blog off by amalgamating the best posts from all of the various locations into one,  but I haven’t posted in years, and none of it seems memorable.  if I run across any that strike my fancy that aren’t completely infantile….

what will happen, is as time permits, and the mood strikes me, I plan to have something to say about one of my interests.  Or something to share – such as photographs, old advertisements, vintage stationery I have run across, photos and information on fountain pens, typewriters, sealing wax, tools, and other such things.  Some may be handwritten, or type cast.  Sporadic at best, so low expectations.

I’ve never been one to say much, But I’ve been told I can be hard to shut up at times when I get going.    I’m pretty sure I’m talking a lot at those times, but not actually saying much.

Funny how life is full of contradictions like that.

I will leave you now, with a photo, and a favourite quote.  They are unrelated to each other.

Grass Under Glass

Grass Under Glass (c) 2006

“Our battle, our struggle is to create art. Our weapon is the moving picture. Because we have the moving picture, our paintings will grow and recede. Our poetry will be shadows that lengthen and conceal. Our light will play across living faces that laugh and agonize. And our music will linger and finally overwhelm because it will have a context as certain as the grave. We are scientists engaged in the creation of memory. And our memory will neither blur, nor fade.”

– from Shadow of the Vampire, an E. Eliam Mirkle film




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17 09 2012
Cole Imperi

Yeah Paul! Love it. I’m subscribed.

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